The road to becoming a man.
Chapter one: Evening in Baronia.

It was evening in the land of Baronia, and the sunset was in its most splendorous moment, the time of climax, shining and exploding with colorful glory. The light seemed to reach every corner, every speck of dust was shone upon, and the hillsides were bathing in golden light. It seemed the sky was singing the most sweet and soul filled glorious melody of praise and thanksgiving to its Creator, and all the birds joined in, chorusing in harmonious tones of pure joy.

The land of Baronia, was a country on the border of the sea Morenna, with warm climate, gushing with rich soil and crops. The people there grew most warmth loving plants, and almost all plants that could live in such a climate. The Baronians made cheese, and other cultured milk foods, and the Baronian wine was one of the most sought for and exquisite wines in the trade, which brought most of the money into the kingdom¡¦s treasury. The people also bred goats and sheep, and of course cows from which to get milk, but horses were rare, and only very rich folk could afford to breed them. But the people there almost never had to hurry, and they were content with what means of transportation and work source they had. In all, the land of Baronia consisted of peace loving, simple people, and was a small but beautiful kingdom, with a very wise and loving king. Under his leadership, the people knew nothing of poorness, war, or hunger, and they thanked God each day for such a blessing as their king, King Marcellan.

Sitting upon the protruding roots of an oak, was a young boy around 7 years of age, dreaming away, marveling at the sunset¡¦s beauty. Upon hearing a sheep¡¦s bleat, and jolting back into reality, he jumped up and ran in the direction of the river side. ¡§Tobias!¡¨ he called. Upon not hearing any reply, he wandered around, in search of his brother that he had called for. Without success he searched, and so, in hopes of a...

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