Innocent Awareness Magic

Innocent Awareness Magic

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Life is not what it appears to be.

In this, the darkest age of humanity, our educational, social and working environments are highly focused on the masculine, form and materialism.

Our minds are bound in form and mediocrity, in the everyday and mundane. In getting and forgetting. In fear and accumulation of material. In conflict and boundaries. In mine and yours.

Of course, all is in balance in the Cosmos, so for those of us that have intention, a huge balancing opportunity exist now for expansion, and one way this can be achieved is through Divine Union of the feminine and masculine energies.

Very seldom are we challenged or transported into the magical realms of the feminine, of feelings, which in themselves lead us into the further amazing places of spirit. Art, Music and Nature and feeling and sensuality awaken these worlds for us. They appear in a material sense, useless, ie. They are not 'making' anything material. And yet they carry with them the alchemy of feeling and expansion.

Our unfoldment is based on Intention. Whatever we focus our Intention on, will manifest. It is like doing physical exercise. If we focus on building our muscles, our muscles will expand. If we focus on mental education, our thinking mind will expand and become more available and powerful.

Thus, if we focus our Intention on the Mystery of Life, it too, will unfold. And as in physical and mental intention, in the process of our Cosmic Dance, various unused spiritual organs that have been dormant can come to life and expand. We start to see Reality through new amazing senses.

It seems to have far less form to it than masculine material reality. It is boundless and is the interplay of energetics. It is a dance of light and energy and feeling and awareness expressing itself in an Infinite Play or Dance of feminine and masculine. Entwining, moving, shimmering, ceasing, exploding, imploding, all Alive, all totally Aware, all being in This Moment.

What used to...

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