College Composition 111

1 February 2014

                                                The Adventures of Insecurity

           I have a dragon. A dragon that does not seem like it exudes from my being, but in fact, it does. My personal dragon eats at my soul every day as I walk around the school hallways. I cannot escape from this treacherous field known as High School. This dragon is an emotion feeling that can cause a person to become depressed and begin feeling self-doubt in them depending on their actions, what they like, how they look, and mostly, by caring about how others think of them. If you haven’t guessed already, my dragon just happens to be personal insecurities. The insecurity dragon takes millions of victim’s captive in many different ways, and I, unfortunately, was one of those victims.

            In elementary school, I didn’t even know what being insecure was like. I was extremely outgoing. I was friends with everyone; from the kindergarteners, to the girls a couple of grades higher than I. I was a huge tomboy too; I never cared about how I looked nor did I care if a certain guy had a crush on me. I was the type of girl who was free spirited and independent when hanging out with my friends on the jungle gym and when I was around family, I was not afraid to say what I was thinking. I also realized that I didn’t care about anything other than my family or who my friends were because I knew that deep in my heart they loved and adored me for who I was.

           Middle School is when the warning sign of insecurity prevailed. As I entered into Mr. Hunt’s Fifth grade class at yet another new school, I started getting a little insecure because I finally understood that boys picked on girls for how they looked, and who they had a crush on. I also came to the realization that girls tend to talk badly about each other behind their backs, so I tried hard to stay in each of their good sides. Unlike most girls, I never really cared about...

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