Inside Intel Inside

Inside Intel Inside

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1. The factors that accounted for the success of the “Intel Inside” campaign were:
a. Intel’s initial decision to partner with OEM PC makers to create a consumer brand to hedge against rapidly changing product cycles.
b. Convincing OEMs their computers would have higher perceived value if they featured the “Intel Inside” logo in their marketing as well as on their actual computer cases.
c. Instituting a co-operative marketing strategy with OEMs to share the cost of advertising, which significantly reduced the advertising costs of OEMs but also provided Intel high amounts of exposure for their brand.
d. Intel’s ability to demystify part of the confusion over what a microprocessor is and to create the perception their “Intel Inside” brand stood for high-quality and reliability.
e. Their distinctive “animated jingle” they developed to play at the end radio and television co-op advertisements. It lends instant awareness of the Intel brand even if there is no mention of the company throughout the ad; it also is the last thing you hear when the ad ends, you may not even know what computer company the ad was for but you are aware of Intel’s presence.

2. Intel’s core brand values place an emphasis on leading technology and safety, however they have recently began to market the brand as representing creativity, innovation and simplicity.

3. There are drawbacks and an increased level of competition for Intel in extending the brand campaign into non-PC categories, particularly the mobile phone market. The following is an overview of the pros and cons to this decision:
Pros Cons
Little or no knowledge of chip/processors contained within cell phones by the general public; there is an opportunity to educate consumers (similar to the CPU) while leveraging the Intel brand to gain a competitive advantage Handset makers may not be willing to adopt a co-op marketing strategy like OEMs to promote the Intel brand
Extends the brand out of being confined to the PC to...

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