Inside the Vatican

Inside the Vatican

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1.The process for electing a pope ­­­­­­­­­­_____conclave­________.
2.The pope is elected by whom? ­­­­______college of cardinals_______.
3.Who is the head of state in Vatican City? ____the Pope_____.
4.Vatican City is not only the seat of the Catholic Church but also a sovereign state.
5.The title of second in command at the Vatican is ___Secretary of State___.
6.The pope is from what country? _____Germany___.
7.Who painted the Sistine Chapel? ____Michelangelo____.
8.The move toward Christian unity is called ____ecumenism____.
9.Vatican II was started by Pope _____John XXIII____.
10.Vatican II was brought to a close by Pope _____Paul VI_____.
11.Vatican II started in year ____1962____.
12.Vatican II was closed in the year ____1965_____.
13.What is the present pope’s real name? ____Joseph Ratzinger____.
14.What is the pope’s real address? ____the Vatican____.
15.How much land (in acres) make up Vatican City? ___108.7 acres____.
16.Title given to a person who has been beatified? ____blessed_____.
17.What does prostrating symbolize? _____submission to Christ/Church____.
18.The men of St. Peter are called _____San Petrini____.
19.Pope Julius II in 1506 sold these for financial gain _____indulgences_____.
20.T/F Any Catholic man can be elected Pope. _____True____.

1.What qualifications does one have to have in order to be considered for the Swiss Guard?
They have to be male, Swiss, Catholic, and 5’8 or taller.
2.The term red tape comes from?
The seals of the Pope’s documents.
3.How many years after death can one be considered for sainthood? How long did it take Mother Theresa? Mother Seton?
It takes 5 years after death to be considered. It took Mother Theresa 2 ½ years, and it took Mother Seton 142 years.
4.What symbols are used in identifying that a new pope has been elected and if one has not?
They use white smoke if they have chosen a pope, and it’s black smoke if they have not chosen.

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