Insight Report: Philanthropy

Insight Report: Philanthropy

Global philanthropic activity demonstrated steady growth during the review period, and HNWIs have played a significant role in achieving this. However, the global trend of giving among HNWIs varies by region and country, depending on demographics, culture and traditions. Accordingly, each region has its own drivers and challenges. While a decline is being observed in spontaneous HNWI contributions in the philanthropy sector, structured philanthropic contributions are growing. Rather than contributing to qualify for tax deductions, the focus of HNWIs has increasingly been concentrated around the impact of their philanthropic investments. Many HNWIs are willing to become actively involved in their cause by volunteering. The philanthropy sector is demonstrating an increasing focus on impact and innovation.

Table of contents :

• Take strategic business decisions using information on the involvement of HNWIs in philanthropic activities across different regions.
• Understand the factors that affect HNWIs’ philanthropic decision-making processes.
• Understand current strategic offerings of wealth management firms to attract HNWI philanthropists.
• Understand the role played by charitable organizations and giving vehicles in the philanthropy sector.

“1 Introduction
1.1 What is this report about?
1.2 Definitions
2 Executive Summary
3 The Role of Wealth Management Firms in Philanthropy
4 Global Snapshot
4.1 Overview
4.2 The Current State and Scope of HNWI Philanthropy Worldwide
4.3 The Americas
4.4 Asia-Pacific
4.5 Europe
4.6 The Middle East and Africa
5 Current Giving Patterns and Family Values
5.1 Key Emerging Trends
5.2 Americas
5.3 Asia-Pacific
5.4 Europe
5.5 The Middle East and Africa
5.6 Family Foundations
5.7 Key Recipients of Philanthropic Contributions
6 About WealthInsight

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