Insights, market trends, opportunities from the Target Drone Market

Insights, market trends, opportunities from the Target Drone Market

Target Drone Market is an emerging market with applications of the target drones in various fields such as military, research, Industrial etc. This market is for large investment projects.

Target drones are autonomously or remotely guided unmanned aircrafts used for various defense operations. These are generally propelled by reciprocating, rotary or rocket engines. These drones are of various size and specifications that define the level of threat imposed by actual target they are imitating to. Earlier, these were generally used by air-force for anti-aircraft target practice during training.

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According to IndustryARC market research report for Target Drone Market, the developments are on their way for defense grade autonomous operations of target drones like take off, landing, target following, return to base and so on. Due to strict regulations, the OEMs are constrained to limited domains but due to huge scope in future applications, the developments are not being stalled.

Some of the major aircraft manufacturing units are converting retired combat aircrafts into target drones. The Boeing converted retired QF-16 to full scale aerial target drone with higher capabilities, replacing the existing QF-4 fleet.

The Target Drone Market is segmented into three domains: by specification, by engine type and applications. Under specification it is further categorized to size, speed, endurance, altitude, autonomy, maneuverability, reach, payload and retrieval system.

Target Drone Market is also determined by the different types of engines used in target drones such as Piston Engine, Wankel engine, Turboprop and Turbojet.

Target Drone Market applications are Target and Decoy, Testing and Calibration of Weapon System, Training, Reconnaissance, Tracking and Monitoring, Research and Development of Weapons etc....

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