Inspiring Quotes

Inspiring Quotes

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Creativity is
infinitely renewable.
In order to have
dramatic success,
you need the ability
to fail dramatically,
Critics have said
that ‘Twitter is fun
but it’s not useful’. So
is ice-cream. So what
if it’s fun? It’s thrilling to us.
Work hard on your idea, develop it into a
solid idea and you would have the luxury of
choosing the investor.
Create a company where people want to
come to work everyday, where they feel like
they’re doing good, where it is fun to work at.
There has been a shift in the way people are
communicating over the last 10 years. There
are now more open forms of communication
such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs.”

It’s a shame
if people get
too consumed
with technology.
The World Wide
Web is powerful but
understand that human
beings are wired
to be connected and no matter how successful
one is, there is still the need for human connection.
Technology properly utilised can keep
people together … but young people need to
fi nd a balance.
There is a ‘I want this and I want it now’ type
of mentality today, but I believe young people,
especially privileged young people, can rise
to the challenge. You have all the technology,
all the information ... use it to make ethical
choices that will affect the world.
Young people need to be encouraged and
they need leaders who can inspire and dare
them to dream. You are as important as anybody
else, and you have the responsibility to
protect your dignity.”

In India, only
cricket exists;
for other
sports, it’s hard to get
backing and support.
I wanted to change
My advice is,
never give up. Keep
trying in whatever
ways you can. All you
need are talent and the will to succeed
I made the impossible possible, so everyone
has a chance. Make the best out of opportunities
that you have.
When you put in hard work, things come
into place and people start noticing you. If you
are doing something you are passionate about,...

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