Installation Concrete Mixer Blades

Installation Concrete Mixer Blades

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Today, DASWELL Machinery Company will discuss matters needing attention about concrete mixer blades installation.

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With the development of our country’s urbanization, concrete mixer is widely applied. Concrete mixer has also got rapid development. After analysing China concrete mixer industry investment ready mix plant, we know that infrastructure construction has a very big influence for concrete mixing machines.

Concrete mixer is widely used in infrastructure construction. When installing concrete mixer blades Cement Silo, users should pay more attention to what and how they can install concrete mixer blades?

Installation Notes:

Concrete mixer blades’ angle should be consistent and not be reversed;

Mixing blades’ angle being too large or too small will affect the mixing production, so angle between the concrere mixer blades and the stirring axis should be at 70 degrees or 80 degrees;

the optimum angle of stirring blades is when the blades rotating to the upper and exposing mud for 20-30mm;

Concrete mixer blades installation must be tightened, and users should try to tighten the first nut of stirring blades.

After discussing installatiion of concrete mixer blades, let’s talk about how to repair concrete mixer blades:

The main reasons of causing concrete mixer blades damage: blades bent or broken.

When concrete mixer blades are damaged, at this time Reversing drum concrete mixer equipment, users need to use cutting torch to cut wearing blades edge neatly, and then use the same thickness steel plate with the same dimensions to replace the wearing part.

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