The happy secret to better work

The happiness advantage: research linking happiness and success:
1. Introduction: intro-speaker’s story with his sister
2. Positive psychology
3. 6:10~6:24: the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality. If we can change the lens , not only we can change your happiness, we can change every single educational and business outcome
(1) Harvard as an example
(2) Study happiness in Harvard is the beginning of the research
(3) 10% is determined by the external world; 90% is determined by the way your brain processes the world
4. The main points from the speaker:
(1) Example of weakness week: We just talk about the negative rather than the positive. The absence of disease is not health
(2) The real meaning of health, the formula of success: If I work harder, I will be more successful. And if I’m more successful, then I’ll be happier.
(3) Happiness success: 9;35
(4) Ways to train your brains become more positive:

When I was seven years old and my sister was just five years old, we were playing on top of a bunk bed. I was two years older than my sister at the time -- I mean, I'm two years older than her now -- but at the time it meant she had to do everything that I wanted to do, and I wanted to play war. So we were up on top of our bunk beds. And on one side of the bunk bed, I had put out all of my G.I. Joe soldiers and weaponry. And on the other side were all my sister's My Little Ponies ready for a cavalry charge.

There are differing accounts of what actually happened that afternoon, but since my sister is not here with us today, let me tell you the true story -- (Laughter) -- which is my sister's a little bit on the clumsy side. Somehow, without any help or push from her older brother at all, suddenly Amy disappeared off of the top of the bunk bed and landed with this...

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