Instrumentation and Control - Position and Speed

Instrumentation and Control - Position and Speed

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Ihsan Khan | Assignment 2:Case Study – Position and Speed
EL2104 – Instrumentation and Control | Due Date: 16/04/12 |

In this brief technical report Simulink model for SCARA robot is analyzed by implementing and testing with various angles affected by motor 1 and motor 2. This model gives an overview of position and speed measurement of the robotic arm. The resulting equations and transfer functions are listed and analyzed (Franklin & Powell).

The motors of M500 series, presents time lags in enactment of the desired angular rotations, and different motors have found to have slightly different time constants as explained in methods section, and the motors with least time constant have oscillatory response, in feedback loop.

The results of the indicated tests are very good in comparison to theoretical predicted and errors are 4-5%. The recommended motors are M543E 1270, depending upon the response time and time constants evaluated in the model used.

Introduction 4
Methods 5
The model equations 5
Arm 1 5
Arm2 6
Analysis 7
Dynamic behavior 7
Closed-loop identification 8
Background 9
The general principle 9
Frequency response theory and stability criteria 10
Measurement of speed 11
The transient behavior of a system using the s-plane representation of a system 13
Analysis feedback control system using its own loop frequency response 14
Results 15
Conclusion and Overall Comments 18
References 19

Case Study
The position and speed measurement are very important aspects in instrumentation and control. They are used in variety of applications. The position measurement usually requires sensors that can provide relative locations. For speed the electric motors can be used with many different ratings and of speed and input voltages. This inconsistency in measured data is recognized to the information that the wrist tendons had been rerouted a combine of times in view of the fact that the last dimensions are...

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