Insults Against Video Games

Insults Against Video Games

Calvin Illa
Ms. Beal
Writing 121

Game craze

My generation has heard countless times the insults against what video games are doing to our minds and body how were not learning anything useful and they’re full of useless violence. In some cases its true and I wont even begin to argue. But after hearing the stubborn opinions repeatedly packed in to my head and given the wonderful opportunity that Ms. Beal has provided I decided to study the situation a little bit deeper and see if everyone felt the same harsh way about one of the things I love the most, apparently not.

As adults we should be able to manage our time wisely prioritize objectives
Manage resources and have the ability to making life changing choices every second in life. Sound right? Good cause a good gamer and social critic Steven Johnson wouldn’t hesitate to show how important each of those qualities and how they are being improved with every moment spent playing videogames “violent or non” .

Seeing that this is America and we’re accustomed to becoming fatter and fatter each year ,its believed that video games were the main cause in childhood obesity, regardless of the fact that parent are responsible over what their children eat and are to maintain their children diet and keep them active in physical activities of course that’s not it or that P.E is being cut out of school .no it couldn’t be its video games. Now that’s also a joke and a lame copout that lazy parents cant get away with anymore now thanks to Nintendo wii and dance dance revolution(DDR) ,which not to mention are
two of the hottest selling games and consoles of 2008, we have eliminated the weight of the burden of child hood obesity off the game manufacturers. In a recent study funded in part by West Virginia’s health insurance program 35 fat kids were between 7 and 12 were asked to play DDR for a little wile per day and slowly increase each time. “…researchers found that participants who regularly played...

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