This will acknowledge that on this day of ________ , 2013, I, _____________, (“Recipient”), residing at:
Address: _____________________________________________,
Telephone: ___________________, have received from Listing Services Direct, certain pertinent and confidential information relating to the sale of the following business(es) and/or properties:

________________________________ __________________________________________

The information contained in the above presentation(s), and/or any additional information delivered verbally or in writing , now or in the future, including but not limited to financial statements, tax returns, pro-formas, products, marketing plans, and customer lists, is delivered to Recipient in strict confidence and cannot be divulged to any other persons except Recipient’s accountants or attorneys, and will not be used to compete with said business(es) in any way. This information is sensitive and confidential and its disclosure to others would be damaging to the business and to Listing Services Direct fiduciary relationship with the Seller. The term information includes the fact that the business is for sale. Any further information must be obtained solely through Listing Services Direct and not directly from the Seller or Seller’s agents.

Any showing or negotiation for the purpose of further investigation of the above business(es) or properties will be handled exclusively through the office of Listing Services Direct.

In the event a sale is consummated between Recipient and the Seller of any business and/or property shown herein to Recipient, then Listing Services Direct shall be entitled to a commission of 10% of the total selling price. The Recipient will be under no obligation to pay the commission except, (1) when it has been agreed upon by Recipient and the Seller prior to the sale/lease/exchange, or (2) if Recipient and the...

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