Interclean Assignment

Interclean Assignment

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Training is extremely important to InterClean and is a high priority for the company to develop and implement for its employees. Competitive advantage demands that companies have a well trained workforce to deliver high quality products and services to its customers. This training overview will outline the following points of training that will enable InterClean to achieve its corporate goal to provide the best services and products to its customers:

o Training and mentoring needs
o Objectives of the program
o Delivery methods
o Content for training and mentoring
o Time-frame
o Evaluation methods
o Feedback
o Alternate avenues for those who need further development

Training and Mentoring Needs:

The merger between EnviroTech and InterClean bring together two companies with a common focus but not a common background. Both companies focus on separate areas of the cleaning business so it will be imperative to train each team member to be comfortable with all aspects of our business to be an all-inclusive service provider. We have an incredible opportunity for growth in this industry and with the proper training we stand to be in an excellent position for strategic advantage. As a company, we are looking at expansion into new markets not only domestically, but worldwide. This brings with it a complex environment of knowledge that InterClean must embrace and excel in. We will be taking advantage of all areas of training including web based as well as instructor lead training. Another area we will focus on is mentoring. With the merging of EnviroTech and InterClean, we can take advantage of many mentoring programs to share the knowledge between team members to enhance all our skills.


The objectives for our new training directive is to broaden the knowledge of all InterClean employees to be able to provide the greatest amount of service to our customers through...

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