Interclean-Envirotech Merger Memo

Interclean-Envirotech Merger Memo

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March 4, 2011

To: First Level Sales Management Team

From: Randy Sickmier

SUBJECT: Impending Merger with EnviroTech

I greatly appreciate your outstanding attitude and support as we finalize the details of our merger with EnviroTech. Our CEO has set a vision for our company to be the first to introduce all-inclusive service in the sanitation industry. We have a first rate sale team here at InterClean and our efforts have allowed this company to take the first step in achieving this vision. The merger will result in InterClean becoming a full service company unlike any other in the market today. These are exciting times and we positioned for explosive growth, both as a company and as individuals.

This potential for growth also brings challenges. We will have to look at how we conduct business in a new light while staying grounded in the quality approach and values that has led to this success. One of the first challenges will be to establish clear, open and regular communications between our employees and each other. I want you to talk to each of your employees this week and explain that this merger is an overwhelmingly positive development . Let them know that this merger is a step towards achieving our corporate vision and that they have been instrumental in getting us here. We need our good employees now more than ever.

Be prepared to address the issue of the change that this merger will bring and the potential for restructuring our work force. There are numerous rumors about restructuring and we need to address them directly. Everyone needs to realize that as we move into new markets the need for a trained and effective sales force is more important than ever. The InterClean products that we have historically marketed remain a cornerstone of our company. It is critical that we retain the product knowledge and professional contacts that our sales team has developed over the years. In addition to our traditional...

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