Interclean Management Assessment

Interclean Management Assessment

InterClean Management Assessment

Brandon Patton

University of Phoenix

Human Capital Management HRM 531




FROM: Brandon Patton, Manager

TO: Eric Borden, Ving Hsu, and Terry Garcia, Senior Sales Specialists

SUBJECT: Managements Influence on Subordinates

The recent decision to merge with Envirotech has disrupted the productivity at work. I understand the importance of leading my sales managers and associates through this merge by displaying an upbeat optimistic attitude. That is why I would like to hold a meeting as soon as possible to squash any possible rumors that may destroy employee’s moral. At this time, employees have been worried about all the possibilities that could develop because of the merger. I have ushered all of my managers and employees that the expansion of our company will lead to a stronger business that will last longer. My staff is prepared for any integration or policy changes that may arise because of the merger and we look forward to addressing any future needs that may arise because of the merger. It has been my goal to show managers and employees that the merger will be a positive event for staff. Both Envirotech and InterClean have skilled employees that are needed to lead our new company into record sales contracts produced for 2009.

Legal and Ethical approaches

Envirotech will add 50 new employees to our 45-member team. These new employees have a great deal of experience; half of their staff has worked in this field for over 20 years. That being said many of our employees from Envirotech and from InterClean are approaching retirement age. Therefore, there will be a lot of room to advance within the company over the next 8 years. We will not discriminate against employees by their age. Be advised we do have enough employees to be held accountable by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). That being said if there is a need...

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