Interclean Management Behavior

Interclean Management Behavior

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|InterClean, Inc. | |Memo

To: Supervisory Team

From: John Doe, Director of Sales

Date: Jan. 9, 2009

Re: Managing a Merger

As you all know, this is a very exciting time here at InterClean. Our merger with industry leader EnviroTech will put us far ahead of the competition in the months to come! With this merger, we are poised to secure a substantial corner of the corporate cleaning industry '' a move that will make us both profitable and competitive. While we are undergoing this most necessary transition, it is important to remember that our employees will look to us for guidance and information. Our employees will want to fully understand the new direction of the company, and more importantly, they will want to know if their jobs are secure. As with most mergers, we are unfortunately unable to handle the merging of two full sets of employees as we do not want to invite redundancy into our business structure. Therefore it will be necessary to retain the very best and brightest of both InterClean and EnviroTech as our main objective is to increase our bottom line as well as our competitive edge.

As you begin your staff reviews over the next few weeks it is important that you conduct them based on efficiency and productivity. We want to make every effort to treat our employees with respect and dignity throughout this process. We must adhere to our company guidelines which are strictly inline with current employment laws when reviewing our current staff. Discriminating against an employee due to race, religion, sex, ethnicity, age or seniority will not be tolerated. As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to make sure your assessments are based on facts, not bias or hearsay. Equal employment laws demand that we judge our employees on the basis of job performance only and I expect nothing less.

It is also important that we understand that our employees will be under increased pressure during...

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