Interclean Memo

Interclean Memo

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InterClean, Inc.
To: Management Staff
Date: October 4, 2008
Subject: Management Behavior


Recent events have presented us all with new challenges. Our acquisition of EnviroTech has led to uncertainty amongst many of our employees. This memo is to remind all of you that the actions of managers affect employees. It is also to reinforce the legal expectations of all managers in this organization. Finally, I would like to offer some suggestions to help all of you manage in the diverse work environment in which we are all a part of.
One of the most immediate issues that must be faced is our current employees concerns about the security of their jobs. Although we plan on utilizing the sales experience of the EnviroTech team members, we currently do not know the impact this will have on the status of employment of our current sales team. It is important that we keep the morale of our current employees high and not feeling like they will be replaced. The addition of new sales employees from EnviroTech should not threaten current InterClean employees.
Manager should not act in a way that would increase stress to employees. In a study by BPP College of Professional Studies, they found that there is a causal or exacerbating effect between managerial behavior and stress levels of employees (May 2007). This holds significance due to potential stress-related legal claims against employers by former and current employees. The study found that it is important for managers to conduct workload management of their employees, maintain manager accessibility, and maintain process management where rules are enforced. The study also found that it is important for managers to keep emotional maturity and give feedback. These steps should help keep current employees stress free and help alleviate tension created by the merger.
Another area which managers must be conscious of there actions is in regards to employment law. As per Title VII of the 1964...

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