Interclean Merger Memo

Interclean Merger Memo

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Running Head: Management Behavior

Management Behavior & It’s Affect on Employees
Timothy Evans
University Of Phoenix

Management Behavior & It’s Affect on Employees
As you all have heard InterClean, Inc. and EnviroTech will be merging companies in the near future and I feel that it is best that we have a discussion on the importance of the types of behaviors that we as managers should exhibit to our employees. We all have been in a position, and some currently still are, of working under another individual who does not know the proper way to conduct themselves as upper, middle, or first level managers. So I want to take this time to explain to everyone the expectations that are in place for all managers and how one, the behavior of a manager can impact the performance and productivity of his or her workers, two, the types of management actions that are in line with employment laws, and those that are not in line with employment laws, and lastly the best practices for working within a diverse work environment.
The behavior of a manager can make or break a good team of workers, if a manager is constantly in a bad mood and taking it out on their workers, the workers will begin to have that same demeanor when coming to work. All the team members will question why they continue to come to work and work for someone that has such a horrible attitude all the time. Keeping an open mind and a welcoming attitude will not only help yourself as a manager be more open to new ideas, but will make it much easier for workers to approach you as a manager with issues and concerns that they may have about their particular job and performance. For example, take a manager that curses and shows a lot of rage toward his employees, these employees will feel either intimidated or will not take this from the manager, but in both situation the employee is most likely going to try and find a way out of this situation by most frequently leaving the job. We as managers do not want...

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