Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication

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72280 Writing for Specific Purposes |
Assignment One |

Task 1
a) Create a bullet point list to identify what does and doesn’t meet the standard.
* Nil
* Key messages are not obvious; the main theme is not outlined from the beginning which will make it hard for the reader to know what the document is about, information is in no particular order and scrambled throughout the document. states to choose a structure that is clear and logical to the reader.
* Purpose of the Document is not clear from the start; The 72280 course guide recommends to ‘know, very clearly what you want to say.’  (Open Polytechnic, 2013, p 9). The Documents main ideas are not highlighted from the beginning, for example; “This policy is beneficial in controlling employee driving activities” is not presented until the third paragraph of the policy, but should be in the first.
* Document is presented in complete sentences, starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop.
* Clear, familiar, everyday words are used, Orwell states ‘never use a long word where a short one will do’ (Orwell G, 1957)
* In most cases sentences are made up of more than 15-20 words. The 72280 course guide advises ‘Long sentences mix ideas and confuse the reader’ (Open Polytechnic, 2013, p 16). The policy has been written using short sentences.

* Text is not completely understandable or appropriate to the intended audience The 72280 course guide states ‘Do not use difficult or ambiguous words’ (Open Polytechnic, 2013 p 11). For example the title “Utilization” used in the policy could be replaced with “Use of Company Vehicles”. This would be easier for readers to understand.
* Technical terms and acronyms are not explained, 72280 course guide states, ‘Make sure acronyms are always defined when first used’ (Open Polytechnic, 2013, p 13). JJIL is not explained to mean...

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