Intergrated Hr System

Intergrated Hr System

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Integrated Human Resources System
By: Leonard Santos

BSA 375 – Business Systems Development

University of Phoenix

26 January 2009

Section 2 of the Individual Project Assignment

Introduction 4

Information Gathering Techniques 5

Design Methods 5

Measures of Success 6

Project Feasibility 6

Conclusion 9

Appendix A 10
Process Flow 10
Data Flow Diagram 11

References 12


A professor of chemistry, Dr. Riordan was the founder of Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. He obtained several high tensile strength plastic substrates patents. In 1991, Dr. Riordan started Riordan Plastics, Inc. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues of over $1 billion. This global plastics manufacturer has plants in Georgia, Albany, Michigan, China with its research and development stationed at the corporate headquarters in San Jose. Its 550 employees provides parts and services to aircraft manufactures, the Department of Defense, appliance manufactures, automotive parts manufactures and beverage makers and bottlers.
A single intergraded application tool is needed to update its current HRIS system which was installed in 1992. The current financial systems keep employee information if any changes are needed to the employee’s information the manager submits the request in writing and entered manually by the payroll clerk. No single data repository is in place individual mangers keep employee files, a third-party provider keeps the workers’ compensations records, a different manager keeps an Excel spreadsheet of salary surveys, individual compensation decisions and job analyses results. An electronic System tool that enables seamless merging of all employee data, provides a web interface for managers and employees to access HR data with ease and interfaces data from each site plant is needed.

Information Gathering Techniques

The current location of electronic and paper data storage will need to be...

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