Jonathan Rucker
Assignment #1


Three (3) Servers
Active Directory Server
Linux Application Server
Primary Software Server
Oracle Database Server
Manages all data stored with directly attached storage

All (three) 3 Major sites use Ethernet cable that connects to user workstation that has Windows Vista

Remote production facilities connect to Headquarters via T-1 (1.54 mbps Telecom Circuit)
Share a Internet connect through a firewall at headquarters

Sales Personnel throughout country connects through VPN software
Uses own individual ISP

Identified Risk

Linux Application Server
1. Primary Server
2. Manages all proprietary programs
a. Inventory
b. Sales
c. Supply-chain
d. Customer information

Oracle database Server
1. Manages all data stored locally
2. Has directed Attached storage

Remote Production facilities connect to Headquarter
1. Shared internet Connection
a. Latency
User Workstations that have Windows Vista OS installed
1. As of July 13, 2011 Vista Sp1 will no longer be supported through Microsoft
a. The RTM of Vista will no longer be supported
b. Will not be able to receive updates

Sales Personnel use VPN Software
1. Utilizes own ISP service
a. Specify rather it’s Personally owned equipment or leased

1. Linux Application Server
a. Should not be the only server that is running the main functions that the business operates own. Will need back up. The responsibility should be broken down, to the minimum of 3 servers. 1 Server to hold all customers information. 1 Server to handle the Main applications and 1 server for back up.
b. All of this information should not be just on 1 server. Also have to consider the space available. As you cliental grow, your stored information grows.
c. If this 1 server alone was to go down, your basic function as a business would take a hard hit. Employees would have to keep record on a paper system (If trained well enough for these types of...

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