Internationa Management

Internationa Management

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The aim of this paper is to discuss issues faced by SEG Electronics Global (SEG) for its global division and to introduce a set of strategies focusing on strengthening its global business footprints and fostering a closer client relationship with its global strategic accounts. SEG has enjoyed success in terms of securing businesses globally as it continually exploits the profound opportunities in the international market. While these efforts have led to increase in sales and revenues, yet acquiring new accounts, serving and maintaining existing global accounts are even more challenging taking into consideration various factors. These include how to get clients' buy-ins that there a high element of synergy and the potential benefits derived as a result of collaborative activities. How SEG can value add when business partners leverage on expertise of local counterparts, obtain optimal cost effectiveness and achieve operational efficiency. Ultimately these factors do translate to greater profit margins for both parties in the long term.

SEG's global strategic account initiatives consist of two major components. One, it consists of resource allocation for business development efforts to grow the company and the other deals with the establishment of a cohesive entity in order to provide support to global clients and their value streams. It is an onerous task to integrate globally and not the least, be cognizant of local responsiveness in which it has to get the staff's full commitment and make them contribute to the overall corporate objectives and support its course. It is therefore imperative to acknowledge that international operations, international human resource management and practices and culture are key determinants operational success and that these elements differ significantly from location to location and base country.

Part one presents an analysis of the case study and issues arising from re-structuring an organisational change to include a new...

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