International Business and the Theories

International Business and the Theories

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1, Executive summary

The impact of globalization and regionalization is felt in almost all sectors of business, government and society. Several basic motives have forced firms to become more global in their orientation and their actions. These strategy imperative includes acquiring resources at low cost, expending in to new market, and competing with industry rivals.

This report analyses on main elements of the international business and it provide answer for the following questions.
➢ How Nano is going to be a real people’s car globally
➢ Can Microsoft be defeated by its competitors?
➢ How to identify different characteristics?
➢ Is it necessary for an international firm to adapt to the local culture?

1. Article -1 Topic 2: International Trade

Summary of the Article
In January 2008, Tata Motors unveiled its people’s car .Tata Nano, lowest car which is ever produced in the world. The standard version of this car has priced at Rs.100,000 ( US$ 2500). After some of the leading automobile company had announced it would introduce a small car in affordable price including GM, Toyota and Bajaj .And Nano had planned to export the Nano version. Ratnam Tata Says Bottom- of-the-Pyramid markets would be the best fit: Places like Africa and south Asia, and may be Eastern Europe and Latin America,

Theory: National competitive advantage

- Determination of national competitive advantage porter’s Diamond 1990


In the 1980, Nokia was a rambling Finnish conglomerate with an embraces tire manufacturer, paper production, consumer electric .By 2004 it has shifted its business on focused telecommunication equipment manufacture and it managed to earn $5 billion with the sales over $ 30 billion. (Fishers, 2008)

As discussed above-
Tata is more efficiency and effective on reducing cost-(Forbes, 2007)
India has a fantastic reputation for production clever solution at a very low cost...

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