international law

international law

10.wages&labour productivity (rate=2)

This table shows the minimum wage level in China. As we can see, Wenzhou (class A, Zhejiang) at a higher level at No.2, even higher than Shanghai and Beijing.

A list of the top 10 cities in China, ranked in terms of highest amount of disposable income:

It’s interesting to note the still relatively obscure cities of Wenzhou and Wuxi making the top 10. While foreign investment in these cities is constant, it is nowhere near the levels of those in Shanghai or Tianjin by comparison. Here, a combination of lower costs and local industries have raised the living standards and disposable income levels of the residents in these cities. Less reliant on foreign investment, they have developed their key industries themselves, Wenzhou long being a source of private funding for domestic businesses on a national basis (some very old, serious family money is concentrated in the city) much of that interestingly enough sourced from overseas. Wenzhou is the primary recipient of overseas Chinese funding, put to good use by the local, well entrenched, private economy.

11.Short-term loans (rate=3)
12.Long-term loans (rate=3)
Credit growth has either slowed markedly or turned negative in most economies since the inception of the international crisis. A noticeable exception is China, where credit growth has accelerated remarkably since late 2008. Here we investigate the dynamics of Chinese banks' lending activity...

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