Internationl Communication

Internationl Communication

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Although communication differs throughout many regions of the world, we can co-exist in business meetings if we research the others culture prior to arriving. Whether one is in the western hemisphere or the eastern hemisphere, each culture has their “rules of thumb” when it comes to communicating. Throughout the paper, I will discuss the different communication equitte from North American to Italy to Asia.

The first step with communication differences take me to Asia. Asia, a country rich in American business, presents multiple communication barriers while conducting business. While Americans perceive silence as a turn down or some what disrespectful, in Asian countries, they valve silence. Asians use silence as a means for thinking. In addition to silence, people in Asian countries want to please desperately. For an example: If they are asked a question, instead of saying no for an answer, they will reply with “granting your request would be difficult.” In the event they are approached with a question that requires yes or no answer, be prepared for compete silence.

Furthermore, citizens of Asians countries do not use gestures as much as Americans, this is kept to a minimum. Also, unlike American culture, countries in Asia do not use nearly as much eye contact. On the other hand, one similarity I found Asian countries have with American customs is they prefer people they do not know to stay an aim length away.

Next, Brazil, I found a fact that was astonishing to me. In Brazil, arriving late for an appointment is indicative for success, while in American, being late for an appointment is forward upon. In a study, conducted by Levine and Bartlett in 1984, they checked accuracy for clocks and walking speeds in the countries of Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Indonesia. After extensive research, studies shown Japan to name the most accurate clocks while Indonesia to have the most inaccurate likewise for walking speed. Indonesia had the slowest pace while...

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