Internatlal En

Internatlal En

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Internal environment Value Chain analysis
Primary activity
1. inbound logistics
Located in Dongguan, Café de Coral owns its central food processing plant which enables them to standardize and control the entire essential parts of the food preparation process, thus improve their competitive advantage in terms of food quality, food safety, as well as operational efficiency and cost effectiveness
Annual report 2003/2004
In addition, two new central food processing plants is progressing which located in Guangzhou, China and Tai Po, Hong Kong respectively.
Annual report 2009/2010
2. Operations
Since 2001, Café de Coral adopted Point of sales (POS) systems in their branches. This system is able to print guest checks, print order to kitchens for preparation, process Octopus payment, cost and inventory control, employee attendance management and so on. All of these functions are enhance operation a efficiency in each branch.

Seito system limited

3. outbound logistics – required to get the finished product to the customer
lunch delivery service to primary and secondary students. It is one of the major school lunch providers in the marketplace. All schools and parents are appreciative of this service, for its nutritional value, environmental friendly packaging, and value for money.

4. marketing and sales – including advertising, promotion
achieving a hundred points of excellence has been their commitment to their customers and is now a household catch phrase. As part of their on going campaign to strengthen the Café de Coral Brand, proactive advertising campaigns are launched on a continual basis. Through the campaign the brand image has been further enhanced by positioning Café de Coral as a place not just for best taste and value meals but also a...

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