Internet Addiction - Case study

Internet Addiction - Case study

The Internet addiction essay

This essay is devoted to Internet usage aspect is it more helpful or harmful?

Last years the mankind faced the other global phenomenon – invention of the Internet.
Nowadays the Internet is more and more essential in the life of a contemporary individual. The Internet simplifies human life and is good invention. There are a great deal of benefits: one can find the needed information in a few minutes within the Internet, book tickets or hotel, communicate with friends from other countries or find the definition of a foreign word in the Web dictionary. The Internet assists to business – one can put advertisement of his company with virtual space (Internet). On the whole there are much more advantages to describe.

But at the same time there is the reverse side of the medal. Internet addiction went out the limit and becomes a global disaster. As a result of this “illness” people spent less time with their relatives and more and more time devote to their virtual network “friends”, some people are involved in such indecent activities as gambling or cyber sex. Anyway I’m sure that negative consequences are not connected with the Internet itself. Similarly Albert Einstein intended to contribute to world’s wealth. Somehow evil group of people directed his invention to the wrong direction and we have the atomic bomb. The very problem IS inside a person. Lath, grid, envy, despair are some of human sins which lead to perversity. All the same will happen to anything – whether a time machine will be invented or a “cap of darkness” (with irony). In the connection with above mentioned I’d like to outline the next idea. The Internet is the other instrument in our life and we ourselves decide how to use it. We should be aware that obsessive Internet usage makes harm as it prevents us from “real communication” with our relatives and friends, who maybe feel abandoned without us and need our real help and sympathy.

In the conclusion of my...

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