Internet Effect for Children

Internet Effect for Children

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The internet has created a world with seemingly endless possibilities. We have become citizens of this evolving world, and this ‘citizenship’ has allowed us to access various information and globally communicate. However, the internet has penetrated through the younger generation. In fact, 90% of American teenagers use the internet (Yahoo!) and kids aged 12- 17 use the internet around 16.7 hours a week (Study on Internet Effect on Children). Although the internet has enabled the youth to access more academic information, the overexposure to its usage can alter a child’s development. Indirectly, the internet is hurting the children of this generation through isolation, addiction, and exposure to uncensored materials.

Facebook and Twitter has provided connection between teenagers, but the overuse of the aforementioned steals the time for real social interaction. In fact, 22% of teenagers sign in more than 10 times a day into their favorite social networking site (Social Media and Kids) and 73% of teenagers are on Facebook (Thomas). The attention given to teenagers online submerges them into the virtual world, replacing real socialization. With the evolution of video chatting, it is now possible to converse with someone far away and this has decreased the need of a teenager to have real conversations. Although social media has its positive effects, it has isolated the teenagers of this generation from real life interaction.

Internet addiction can stray teenagers from more important duties and responsibilities. According to, internet addiction is when the internet consumes most of a person’s time. Teenagers who suffer from internet addiction absentmindedly put off more essential work to go online. The excessive use of the internet may badly influence a teenager’s thoughts, speech, and actions. If not prevented, teenage internet addiction may cause sickness among the youth.

Lastly, the exposure to malicious and uncensored content online has...

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