Internet: Good or Bad

Internet: Good or Bad

The Internet: Good and Bad

With the rapid development of information and scientific technology throughout the whole world, the Internet has become an indispensable part of human life. It is believed that no country could make progress or even survive the fierce competition in society without the help of the Internet in present days. However, when we enjoy the good it provides, we never get rid of the bad it brings to us.

The Internet undoubtedly is an inviting meal, attracting people to taste and feel. Yet, when you approach it deeper, you may put more threat on yourself. Cheats and crimes online are heard everyday. No one expects to live in a world full of insecurity, afraid of confronting with loss every moment. But the Internet may be such a world. Our minds may also be haunted with the issues of copyright and illegal download. We want to find a better way to solve the problem, yet up till now, it remains serious. Children of younger ages can have access to the Internet nowadays than before. It raises the worry from parents that their children might be addicted to the virtual reality, for example, being indulged in online games and chat or so. And to some degree, the Internet separates people from those who are beside them in daily life, the relatives, friends or colleagues. People seem to prefer the connection online rather than with the acquaintances around.

The harm is not hard to find, but how could we ignore the good of it? What makes the world so informative? What makes people of different races so close? What makes humans’ mind so wide? Certainly, the Internet.

It creates a more wonderful world than ever before. It never costs us much time to learn the news outside the city, outside the country or even outside the earth. It holds a bridge between people far away, allowing us to know each other in an easier and quicker way. People no longer bother to step out of their houses, but click the mouse to send files, ask for information or purchase....

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