Internet: Information Superhighways

Internet: Information Superhighways

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A new medium in education requiring strategies and new learning is increasingly using an interconnection of networks that links together thousands of computers worldwide. A global information system used by all universities, government agencies and large companies all over the world- the Internet.
The internet, or simply called “net” is a network in which user can get information using one computer to another. It is composed of thousands of interconnected networks all over the globe. The internet has made it possible for people to communicate with each other despite of extensive distance. This is made possible with the aid of telephones, wireless connections and satellite links that enable users to share information in different varieties. Moreover, it is the single largest telecommunication system and digital library ever conceived by humankind. It is also a term used to describe thousand of computers spanning all over the countries.

There are four building blocks or structures to the internet. Those are: the hosts, routers, clients and connection. The hosts are the large computers that store information on the Internet. In most cases, computers fall under the client’s category. Data are sent in the form of packet or more likely an envelope. It contains both return and destination address that your computer handles. Routers sit at key point on the internet. It is the intersection of computer connections. It reads the destination address on the packet being sent by your computer, and then forwards the packet to its appropriate destination.

Other computer networks have only one use, unlike the internet which consists of multiple data systems that are developed independently. The most popular internet service is the Electronic Mail (e-mail). Through this, you can have the exchange of messages and file within a minute despite of great distance at low cost. Internet e-mail may...

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