Internet Research Assignment

Internet Research Assignment

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Week 4 Internet Research Assignment

This site is good because it talks about a specific mission statement. It talks about a team mission statement for a entrepreneur. The site gives a breakdown of what a mission statement is, and how a entrepreneur should go about writing one. It also give entrepreneurs insight on the do’s and don’t of preparing company mission statements.

This site is relevant because it talks about how important a team mission statement is. Specifically for a entrepreneur and his or her company. Even though we were tasked to do a team mission statement, researching a specific mission statement helped me learn more about mission statements. This site gave step by step instruction on how an entrepreneur should prepare mission statement to better their company.

This site was very helpful. It gives a detailed description on how to write mission statement. I recommended to my team that we should use this site as our blueprint. It also gives a definition of a mission statement, and the key point one should have within their mission statement. There are 6 main steps to a mission statement.
1. Select the mission statement writing team.
2. Clarify core values
3. Review the Organization’s underlying strategies.
4. Evaluate the current mission statement
5. Draft the mission statement
6. Circulate the mission statement for review, modify it, the adopt it.

This site is relevant for many reasons. It gives a detailed outline of how to write a mission statement, the 6 step process. It tells exactly what a mission statement is and what 3 key element a mission statement should have in order to be considered good. It also has a fill in the blank mission statement where all you do is put in the verbs, if you are having trouble writing the mission statement.

In conclusion, I have two recommendations for team A. The first being if...

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