Internet Shopping

Internet Shopping

There are many advantages to internet shopping but many advantages too, such as convenience for many people who have to work during shop opening hours or who are housebound or disabled. Such people are those who cannot get out of their houses so they need the convenience of internet shopping from companies who you can buy products off 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including people who use internet shopping during mad rush of Christmas time.
You save time because you can go straight to what you want to buy and get it delivered to your door without having several other items purchased that you didn’t want. Also you are effectively the only customer as there are no queues, or sweets to distract young children at the checkout.

There is also a discount for most online products because it doesn’t cost the shops any money because there is no shop space actually involved with your purchase. There are also several comparison websites such as

There are also some serious disadvantages too, such as there is a lot of credit card fraud. This can be seriously harmful as just about all transfers these days require you to give your card details to the company that you are sometimes being scammed by. This process is only reversible by letting your bank know that you believe that the card has been stolen then they can stop transactions on it. Also delivery can be slow.

There is no try before you buy online and customers cannot tell what the product looks or feels like very well. This means that they could be buying a (for example) broken, old or used I-pod even though this picture has been displayed:
This is a bad thing for the customer but a good thing for the online or store or seller of this product. On top of this it is very hard to get a refund over the internet especially when the company doesn’t have a counter so you can’t actually take it back.

Also you have to pay for the postage and packaging and if you want a refund on a product, often...

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