Internship Report essay

Internship Report essay

Internship Report

How time flies, four years’ college life will be ended soon. When I was in campus, I always feel time is too long, and the college life is at leisure. I often hold the opinion that I should work earlier and gain more social experience. So I was fortunate to come to Hangzhou Pinshang Property Management Co., Ltd to conduct an international trade internship, learning a lot of knowledge outside the book benefited greatly. This report will give a very brief overview of what I have done and learned during the internship period.

Pinshang Property Management Co., Ltd is private-owned enterprise was established in 2007, including 126 staffs. Their mainly job is to manage the Xixi Village Community, West Lake Golf Village Community and some luxury villas in Hangzhou. Through participation in practical activities, I have a preliminary understanding of the property management company and I learned some useful knowledge related to property management work. With the join effort of every staff, the development of the company is rapid and outstanding.

I was very happy to work in a property company. In my opinion, I may have chances to deal with many problems and deal with various people which is good for my social skills. Now it seems what I thought about was right. During the time of working in the Pinshang company, I get not only the social skills but also several ideas and important knowledge which can help and benefit in the future.

First of all, my first day of property practice, I feelings of unease, many friend told me about internship before that they are treated as transparent in the office or workshop, or to do some chores for senior employees, so a bit worried about it. Entered the office, I saw a few unfamiliar faces. I smiled and greeted them. Such as the gentle greeting, but it expressed concern to colleagues, to help others feel valued and cared for. Just a few days, I mingle with colleagues. The worry about becoming "transparent...

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