Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

16 December 2012
Sad Life of Strays
There are too many stray dogs on the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico; they are entitled to live free from hunger and abuse. One may picture a paradise island but there is always a dark side to beauty for a country. Unfortunately, many of them end up mutilated in the city in the streets, highways or parking lots. Politicians make promises every election year but what is done to help the stray dogs?
I strongly believe we all should do something to save them. It affects our community’s image and health. Sterilizing your dog helps the pet shelters from overcrowding. It is in your best interest for your dog to be sterile as they also bringing more animals to suffer in this world. Try to avoid from buying at pet stores and consider ones from your local pet shelter. Spend time otherwise give them love, care and all protection, as you would do for a person.

A documentary 100,000 filmed by Juan Agustin Marquez describes the horrible conditions these dogs live in. My brother Gabriel lives in the metropolitan area of San Juan mentioned this film to me because he knows where I stand when it comes to animal cruelty. On my way walking to school, I would try to give some of my leftovers from breakfast to some of the strays in the barrio. Many would like think that an animal race is worth more than one that is on the street but they are all just as important to me. Some people that are just for fun and stick to them for defending dogs react attacking and the result is not fair because the loser is the dog and which ends in the kennel when the aggressor was the man.

Therefore, you think you are doing the right thing because you or anyone else would like to be treated as well. Cruelty to animals is one of the most cruel and inhumane things that exist worldwide. Even then, those looking dogs on the streets to encourage them to fight torture burn mutilate or just to make them suffer.

It is said that "a dog is man's...

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