Interration of Newsroom

Interration of Newsroom

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What is the biggest advantage for integrating/not integrating your print and online newsrooms? What is the biggest disadvantage?

How have your different integrated/non-integrated newsroom strategies contributed to your success? Do you feel that your different strategies have affected your standing amongst your competitors?

How has the workflow in your newsroom changed in the Internet age?

Has he role of the newspaper Editor-in chief changed in the Internet age

Are web journalism and print journalism two distinct professions requiring different skills, or can individual journalists create content for both the Web and print?

How do you handle newsroom staff that resist change?

Because your newsroom produces newspapers, websites, television news and radio news, are all of your journalists capable to produce content for each platform? Why or why not?

What type of training program did you implement for your newsroom staff? Was there a particular type of training that you discovered journalists and editors most needed? Did you create a training program in house or did you outsource it?

Are your journalists happy with your decision to integrate or not to integrate? Would they like to maintain the status quo or would they rather see some changes?

Would you like to introduce video/audio onto your webiste or blog for clients?

Does your online news site use so-called Citizen Journalists in its news gathering process? Do you think it is beneficial or not beneficial for your journalists to interact with readers?

In the Internet age, do you think that readers expect a different style of journalism? Do you think that your readers have been affected by your decesion to intergrate or not to intergrate?

How would you defend your integration strategy, or lack thereof? How will it contribute to your paper’s future success?

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