Intersect Investment

Intersect Investment

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Problem Solution: Intersect Investments
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Intersect Investments
Intersect Investments has been one of the most successful companies in the financial services industry for many years, consistently being ranked in the top three. But the entire industry has fallen on hard times, and Intersect has been on a downward slide for several years. Over the past year revenue has been falling sharply, customer satisfaction and retention at an all time low, and employee turnover has reached an all time high. To turn things around, CEO Frank Jeffers has developed a new vision based on a "customer intimacy” sales model. The purpose of this paper is to develop a plan for Intersect Investment successfully to accomplish these goals. The method used will be the application of the nine step problem based solution. This process involves a clear statement of the current situation, the development of a problem statement, an end-state vision, the development of alternative solutions, an analysis of those solutions, a risk assessment, the identification of the optimal solution, and a clear implementation plan and a measurement for the evaluation of the results. A series of charts has also been developed to support the findings.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Intersect Financial Services has historically been one of the top three companies in the industry. Since September 11, 2001 the entire industry has been going through difficult times which have affected both client trust and Wall Street credibility. In spite of a strong history Intersect has been significantly affected by the changing conditions, even to the point of struggling financially to survive. During the past year sales employee turnover has been up 25% and customer satisfaction has declined by more than 10%. The customer base has also been shrinking, as the company has experienced a...

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