Note: Always make objectives measurable, e.g., 3 out of 5 times, 100%, learn 3 skills, etc., unless they are measurable on their own as in “List and discuss [issue] weekly…”


Goal: Explore and resolve issues relating to history of abuse/neglect victimization

Share details of the abuse/neglect with therapist as able to do so
Learn about typical long term/residual effects of traumatic life experiences
Develop two strategies to help cope with stressful reminders/memories

Alcohol/Drugs and Other Addictions

Goal: Be free of drug/alcohol use/abuse

Avoid people, places and situations where temptation might be overwhelming
Explore dynamics relating to being the [child/husband/wife] of an [alcoholic/addict] and discuss them each week at support group meetings
Learn five triggers for alcohol & drug use
Reach ____ days/months/years of clean/sober living

Adoption/Foster Care Placement

Goal: Explore and resolve issues related to adoption/out-of-home placement

Discuss ongoing concerns and issues related to adoptive and/or biological parents during weekly sessions
Talk about his/her wishes with regard to permanency planning


Goal: Increase and practice ability to manage anger

Walk away from situations that trigger strong emotions (100%)
Be free of tantrums/explosive episodes
Learn two positive anger management skills
Learn three ways to communicate verbally when angry
Be able to express anger in a productive manner without destroying property or personal belongings
Be able to express anger without yelling and using foul language
Explore and resolve conflict with ____ (list triggers)
Get through an entire day without an angry mood swing (or breaking/punching…)
Get through a whole week without fighting with ____
Take a time-out when things get upsetting
Learn and practice anger management skills especially in situations where people are not treating him/her...

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