Interview Help

Interview Help


Sandra Dolan

The interview process enables a company to gather information about you that was not provided on your resume or application form. This information may include such items as your career goals, appearance, personality, poise, and ability to express yourself verbally.

Regardless of where you went to school or how much experience you have, if you aren’t able to interview successfully, you won’t get the job. Take note of the information in this article to help you interview successfully and get the job you want.


Plan your wardrobe carefully because first impressions are lasting ones when you walk into the interviewer’s office. If you are not quite certain about what you should wear, dress conservatively.

Whatever you choose, be sure that your clothing is clean, neat, and comfortable. You should also pay attention to details such as personal hygiene, clean hair, shined shoes, well-groomed nails, and appropriate jewelry and other accessories.


Be sure to arrive at the interview site a few minutes early. Stand when you meet the interviewer for the first time. If the interviewer offers to shake hands, shake hands in a confident, firm manner. A great deal of nonverbal communication occurs even in a simple handshake.


Maintain direct eye contact with the interviewer when you respond to his or her questions. Listen intently to everything that is said. Be aware of any movements you make with your eyes, your hands, and other parts of your body during the interview. Too much movement may be a signal to the interviewer that you are nervous, that you lack confidence, or that you are not certain of your answers.

During the interview, the interviewer will judge not only what you say but also how you say it. As you answer questions, you will be judged on grammar, articulation, vocabulary, and tone of voice. The nonverbal skills that the interviewer...

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