interview on culture

interview on culture

Cultural Interview Assessment on Haitian American Culture

1. Client/interviewee initials, age, birthplace. The client said his initial is C.W, and he is 38 years old. His birthplace is Miami Florida.
2. What is your culture or ethnic origin? What culture or ethnicity do you primarily identify with? C.W ethnic origin is from African, she identify himself with the African American culture.

3. What language do you speak at home? What language used for writing and/or speaking? Do you speak any other languages? C.W speaks Creole at home and with other Haitian Culture. Also, C. W writes in English and Creole he denies speaking any other language

4. Describe your living arrangements? How do you define “family?” What is the composition of your family? Which relatives are considered members of your family? How many generations are considered to be a single family? How important are children in your family? C.W lives at home with her mother, father, and little brother; in Haitian American culture family is defined as a gift from God; C.W’s father ultimate controls and make all the decision for the house hold; members of C.W family is consist of extended family, immediate family, and close friends; C.W has three generations that are considered to be a single family; In C.W family children are considered to be a gift from God. C.W also states, “My mother would do anything to ensure that her children’s needs are met even if her needs are not met.”

5. Who holds the most “status” in your family? Who makes the decisions in your family? Why? C.W’s mother holds the most influential in the house hold; the father in C.W family makes the decision because his father makes the money to support the family.

6. Describe how the roles of men and women are specifically defined in your family? If so, what are their roles? Do you and your family members conform to traditional roles (e.g., women may be viewed as the caretakers of home and children, while...

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