Interview with Macbeth

Interview with Macbeth

1) If the witches have never given you the prophecy of being King, would you have still killed Duncan?

The thought of being king has never come across my mind before I met the witches so if thou has’t given me thy prophecy, would a good owner kill a loyal dog? Though, Duncan referred to me as a friend! “There's no art/
To find the mind's construction in the face:/
He was a gentleman on whom I built/
An absolute trust.” (1.4.2) and I felt the same way back, I had a lot of respect for him because we’ve been acquaintances for a long time. If thy has’t told me that the Thane of Cawdor lives, I would’t have savaged the man of power. As well, when “Let not light see my black and deep desires” (1.4.53), I said this after King Duncan honored me and I began to reconsider my desires to murder him. Though, if I haven’t killed him, I would have never gotten the opportunity of being king, nor would I have ever felt so in control and powerful. Duncan was simply a man I respected, he has never done anything for me to appreciate nor has he hurt me in the past; although I did feel guilty when I killed him. Foolish me to feel this way; killing becomes easier with practice. To sum this up, I do not believe that I would have killed Duncan to start off with but now that it’s been done, there’s no going back nor, do I want to go back.

2) Do you feel as if Lady Macbeth influenced your decisions? If so, how?

This question is very contradictable to which thy can argue both ways, but my answer to this is yes. Thou sisters of gull have told me that I shall be Thane of Cawdor and then I’ll be crowned King, but I could’t justify killing Duncan for this to happen, I shunt dare! Lady Macbeth, thy vulgar, disrespectful gale, called me a coward if thust hast not kill. Hath mouthed “And live like a coward in thine own steem/ Letting I dare not wait upon I would/ Like the poor cat I’th’adage?” (1.7.X) Here, she explains how I would not...

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