Interview with Nike

Interview with Nike

What ignited the spark or so to say what was the driving force for you to start a new business venture?
Ans: Passion to form my own identity.
How do you find the people who have the same fire, same drive as you to make this business a success?
Ans: They should have the same zeal and enthusiasm for the work .

What are the biggest challenges in starting a business?
Ans: Lack of experience.
What were the perceived challenges before starting your venture?
Ans: Inadequate funds to finance the business.
How do you determine what kind of business is best for you?
Ans: One should list his interests, his skills and determine how much risk he can tolerate.
When do you realize that you had to go for entrepreneurship?
Ans: When I was working with TCS.
What are the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make?
Ans: A large number of people who start their own business do not realize how much work and time will be involved. They fail to carry out any primary research and as a result become quickly overwhelmed.

Did you get any kind of government support in starting your business?
Ans: No
What are the best ways for a small business to obtain start-up capital?
Ans: One could get a bank loan to finance his business.

What are the most important things entrepreneurs need to do to turn their small business into a success?
Ans: To concentrate on his business plan and perseverance.

How do you approach customers with your idea?
Ans: Present your product in a confident manner.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your personal life?
Ans: Satisfaction achieved by working towards your goal.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Ans: Independence
To what do you attribute your success most? What according to you are the some of the key elements for starting and running a successful business?
Ans: Hard work and persistence.
What has been most satisfying business moment?
Ans: When we a get good feedback.
Excluding yours, what company...

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