Interview with a World War 2 Veteran

Interview with a World War 2 Veteran

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Films on Latin America

There are many, many excellent films on Latin America, and this is a short list. If you are interested in a particular region or issue, and don’t see something of interest, don’t hesitate to come discuss; together, we can find additional options.

Also, please let me know if you have suggestions of others that may be appropriate for the course.

You may view any of the films listed below. Write a brief (~2 page) analysis of the film. Do not summarize it. Think of what the producers are saying, relate it to what you are learning in class and through assigned readings. Please conclude with whether you would recommend the film (why? Why not?) to other survey course students.

Garden of Forking Paths – Americas Series, narrated by Rául Julia
Argentina through the Perón years, the military dictatorship, the activities of las Madres de la Plaza Mayo, and the 1982 military struggle with Great Britain over the Malvinas (Falkland Islands).
Miracles are Not Enough (1993) – Americas Series
An examination of the explosion of theological debate and social activism, using Brazil and Nicaragua to explore the impact of this religious insurgence on the region.

NOTE: There are additional films in this excellent series. We may be viewing some in class, so please speak with me before viewing others, but you are encouraged to take a look at the other selections.

Iawo (1978) – Portuguese, English subtitles
Examines the cult of the Orisha (its roots among the Yoruba of Africa), brought to the Americas by slaves and served as a form of cultural resistance.

Mr. Ludwig’s Tropical Dreamland (1980) – Nova Series
The story of how US billionaire Daniel Ludwig reshapes the Amazon rain forest into managed plantations, a pulp mill, and creates his own city-state within the nation of Brazil. Film explores the debates surrounding the project, issues of development and foreign capital, and sovereignty.

Las Madres (originally 1985, since re-edited)...

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