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Into the World

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My personal interest project

Heck I am fine…

“What is the effect of physical abuse on children???

My personal interest project
When I first heard of the personal interest project, various ideas swarmed in my mind. It took an agonising long time to choose a topic. I finally decided upon my question: “the effect of physical abuse”. I choose this question due to a number of reasons. This question would answer a lot of my quires about my own child hood. I was often spanked as a child but I believe I am fine; was it simply discipline or was it child abuse. For this reason I will like to differentiate between physical abuse and physical discipline. I like to discover the effect of physical abuse on the individual and there social and mental wellbeing. I will like to compare the effect of physical abuse between females and males; as my cross cultural component. This question is not only interesting it also fits into many society and culture concepts, such as:
• Social and cultural literacy:
• Community:
• Cooperation:
• Conflict:
• Relationships:
• Identity:
• Gender:
• Power and authority:

To answer my question I broke it into sub questions. The sub questions will help me answer the main question. Firstly I must define between physical discipline and physical abuse. Secondly, I will like to establish the effect of physical abuse on the child. I will like to discover some of the common mental and social effects of physical abuse. Thirdly, what circumstances lead to parents or caregivers to physically abuse their child?

I also must refine my topic to a particular area and age group. I have chosen to conduct my research in the Canterbury area, and have also chosen the age group of 10-15 years old as my focus group. I plane to answer my main question and all the sub questions by using the following methodologies:
Secondary sources: research opinions and statistics.

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