Introduction Some Wheat Flour mill Grinding Details

Introduction Some Wheat Flour mill Grinding Details

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Wheat flour mill machine equipped with a cooling device, the heat-sensitive materials processing to guarantee the material color, taste and quality. Common type has good heat removal function, can avoid the temperature rise on the materials caused metamorphism, capable of continuous operation.

Coarse grinding using a serrated steel roller shaft to rotate in the opposite direction at different speeds, roll on roll 2.5 times faster than. Split skin and gently rolling out of the coarse grain of wheat and wheat bran in flat and large. By purifying and maintain pure endosperm fine particle separator in different proportion. Light skin floating into the wind, the rest of the heavier endosperm powder to reduce phase. WHEAT FLOUR MILL machine operator can according to the technical characteristics of the product raw materials. Before mill the wheat into flour, they are sent to the storage barrels for temporary, whose aim it to guarantee the next feeding with an uniform flow. It’s easy to operate and we have different sizes and final products. Wheat is put into the feeding hole first, the input quantity is controlled by the feeding hole flapper. The flour milled by burrstone mill maintains the original of wheat grain. Resorting to its pliability, burrstone mill flour has been the first choice of various kinds of pasta. It is natural and nutritional.

Wheat flour mill will be the best equipment to wheat market. The crushed endosperm smooth roller milling machines, grinding into powder. The crushed malt roll out germ cell separator. Fine powder can be divided into different grades of flour multilayer rotary sieve. Wheat roller mill is also an important component of wheat industry. Coarse particles can be grinding, the fine particles can be cheap flour. Coarse fragments to further processing to remove malt and debris, thin fragments can be fine quality flour.

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