Introduction to Design

Introduction to Design

Chapter (1)
Basic Design Element
1.1 Point
A point is a dot or tiny mark and it is a location, spot or position. It has enough visual energy to attract the eye and serve as a beginning. It is an object having a sharp or tapered end. It is a very small circular shape; a row of points and draw lines between the dots.

A point may be a speck of ink placed by a pen point or a splash from the bottle. It may be a nail head or as intricate as a snowflake, as bright as a light bulb or as a window in the night, as bottom cap or as element as pearl.

A point formed by or as if by a sharp end. A point is used in printing or writing for punctuation especially a period. The sharp tapered end of a pin, knife, needle or other object having such a point. The point is something that has position but not extension, as the intersection of two lines. There are still other ways to see a point. A point may be only a point of focus at the intersection of two lines.

A point of focus may be an area in the core of a cluster of form, with a differentiation in density or shape within a cluster. And it is a geometric object having no dimensions and no property other than its location. The intersection of two lines is a point. When a point is extended so that the dimension of length is primary, the form is called a line.

1.2 Line
A line is a dot out for a walk. It is also the path made by a moving point. Lines can be thick or thin. They can be long or short .They can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. They can be solid or dotted or dashed....

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