Introduction to Feldspar Impact Crusher

Introduction to Feldspar Impact Crusher

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We adapt the latest manufacturing technology and the unique structural design. The finished stone product is cube and has no tension or cracks. The grain shape is quite good. Impact crusher can handle each kind of coarse, medium and fine materials ores, rocks (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), which particle size is not more than 120-500 mm and compressive strength is below 320 MPa.

Impact crusher is widely used in water and electricity, highway, artificial aggregate, crushing and other industries. This series of impact crusher has unique structure.It’s equipped with high chrome hammer.Its unique counterattack lining is suitable for hard rock crushing and energy efficient. Nesting particle size can be adjusted to simplified crushing process. This crusher has large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, cubic shape and optional broken, etc. .

Impact crusher uses impact energy to crush materials. When impact crusher works, it’s driven by the electric motor. The rotor has high-speed rotation. while the materials go into the plate hammer area, and impact the plate hammer on the rotor, then is thrown back again to the counter device to break. then from the back liner bounced back to the blow bar again broken,material is sent into one, two, three and impact chamber repeated broken until the material is crushed to the desired particle size then discharge from the outlet port. Adjust the gap between the rotor and frame to change the material shape and particle size.

Feldspar Impact Crusher Features

1, Multiple chamber can make it evenly and suitable for crushing hard rock.;

2, Large low feed port makes it easy to layout production line and increase the feed size;

3, New wear-resistant material of the plate hammer, impact plate and liner can last longer life;

4, High chrome hammer and unique counterattack lining board are particularly suitable for crushing hard rock and energy efficient;

5,The entire plate hammer structure makes the materials...

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