Introduction to Film

Introduction to Film

Anthony Szabo

ENG 225: Introduction to Film

Introduction to Film

Sarah MacDonald

October 12, 2008


Movies, we all love them but many people don’t know how much effort is put into

making a good movie. Sure we really don’t look at the detail of a movie but it does

play in the overall of a movie. I want to help me and you understand more about how

to analyze also to interpret and how to evaluate a movie. Many people don’t see the

full aspect of the movie and the whole it is.

Introduction to Film

Movies have changed a lot from black and white to color. As time has gone by so

has to quality and plots have expanded. I never really knew have much effort goes into

making sure a movie is good. Detail plays a major part and how it interact with the

character and mood. In this paper I looking forward to explain how to analyze an entire

movie. I will also demonstrate how we find and interpret meaning in movies, also how

to determine my own personal criteria for evaluating movies.

I find it hard sometime to analyze an entire movie. I find myself watching a movie

over again to help me in analyzing the film. When analyzing a movie I find myself

considering the overall effectiveness of the dialogue and storyline. Screenwriters are

consider the true architects of the movie. Screenwriters may use book to adapt into a

script form, or they may create their own stories for the script. Either way, you should

be able to sense an attention to detail in the dialogue and plotlines. A successful movie

script uses authentic dialogue and scenarios that the actors can handle with ease. A less

successful script places...

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