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Management is a universal phenomenon it is a very well-known and widely used term. All organizations regardless business, political, cultural or social is involved in management due to it is the management which helps and directs the various efforts towards a definite purpose. It also the process of working with people and accomplish (Bateman and Snell, 2011). Information assistances day-to-day business, operations, decision making and almost any business function in a business firm. Enterprises invest in information technology as they have proven to deliver an economic value to the business (Benson V and Davis K, 2008). Management involves creating an internal environment therefore a good company depend in the company’s management.

The purpose of this report includes:

* The three levels of management which consists first line managers, middle managers and as well as top managers.

* The four management processes which contain planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

This report uses Singapore as the case study to examine the concept of the managements. It discusses the works of Mr Keith Boerner, the Regional sales manager of South East Asia and Euro Middle East American.


* We are the bonding engineers creating outstanding value for our stakeholders


* To be the leading provider of innovative bonding solutions


* Advanced globalisation is opening up many promising new opportunities for Lohmann. Opportunities that we are keen to take advantage of.

* The Lohmann Group has everything it needs to achieve this: 160 years of tradition, impressive adhesive bonds and, last but not least, employees who act according to a clearly established set of values.

Business Objectives

* Polymerisation and formulation of own adhesive recipes, adhesive properties exactly matched to the application area and the latest state of the art production technologies. Last but not least the adhesive layers with...

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