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“Come on, brother. You can’t keep living like this. I can’t take it anymore,” Stefan complained as he leaned against the doorway and looked at his brother with saddened eyes. Damon was slouched at his desk, his head hanging low. For months now, his brother had been moping around the office, smelling of bourbon and pissing everyone off. It hurt to look at him. His normally brilliant blue eyes had lately become dull and empty, his raven hair was disheveled and unkempt, and he even looked thinner around the face.

Damon didn’t even look at him when he said coldly, “Oh, spare me your pity, Steffy. I don’t want it.” Stefan didn’t understand, how could he? His life was perfect. He had a beautiful, neurotic, loving girlfriend. He was their father’s shining star and never had a care in the world. Damon was always the one who had to bend over backwards to please their father, who wouldn’t even give him the time of day outside the office. He never took a single day off of work, even worked weekends, and got no appreciation for it. Granted, he always kept a bottle of bourbon in the office to take the edge off, but who wouldn’t if they worked 90 hour weeks?

Stefan sighed. He knew his brother was miserable, but he just wouldn’t accept help. “I think you should take the week off. Go for a vacation.” Damon opened his mouth to speak, but his brother cut him off with his next words. “I don’t wanna hear it Damon. You’re miserable here. Everyone can see it, and you’re making everyone else here miserable with you.” He looked at him with consoling green eyes. He was tired of seeing his brother like this and he would get him out of the office and on vacation if it was the last thing he did.

“It’s not your job to save me, Stefan,” Damon growled with hard eyes. “I don’t need saving, I’m perfectly fine living the way I do.”

“You’re not fine! You call this fine?” He threw his hands up in the air and walked towards his brother. “Have you looked at yourself lately, Damon? You...